Private flights

Time is a non-renewable resource and, consequently, the most important to us all. Having some degree of control over it is a definite advantage and something worth aiming for, especially for businesses. That’s where private flights really count. They make it possible for you to save time for what matters most while maintaining safety, discretion, confidentiality and comfort.

We like the short-and-sweet way, so let’s just go straight for the eye-grabbers: private terminals, access to exclusive lounges (suitable for business meetings, as well as unwind moments), full attention to your time and needs, discretion as a rule, security and personalized service onboard.

Experience the luxury, comfort and convenience of flying private, while knowing that your safety is always on our radar.

Business jets - Executive flights, MICE, TMCs, Pharma, Hospitality and Events

You make the rule! You take charge of your schedule and up your productivity in one swift move. Business aviation (Bizav) service generates a 100% + increase of productive working time, due to the absence of layovers and straining hassle in-between airports. Flying commercial comes with 60+ minutes time intervals spent in airports. Domestic flights formalities may go up to three hours - that’s for each segment of the trip!

Private jet travel reduces waiting times to the absolute necessary. You arrive at the dedicated terminal as close as half an hour before departure and complete travel procedures (customs, boarding, etc) in mere minutes. This means minimizing travelling time and helping you stay on top of business, wherever you are. Private flights can be arranged in just a few hours, which is ideal if you’re on the go or required to fly on short notice. If need be, you can reschedule the flight to keep up with unforeseen changes in plans.

Rapid connectivity is crucial for many industries – be they Finance, MICE, TMCs, Hospitality, Pharman or Medical – and ensuring it is the first step to getting the job done in time.

Luxury - VIP jets / round-the-world travel/ family vacations

‘’Once sampled, always wanted’’– that’s the short version of why private jet travel has such a pull these days. VIP travel experiences, safe round-the-world adventures and stories to share all season… sounds good? How about a special surprise for your pregnant wife or a memorable vacation with your kids and family? Air charters offer a safe way to travel and enjoy exquisite destinations while avoiding close proximity to unknown airborne viruses, re-circulated air conditioning systems or other unnecessary health risks.

Door to door travel is the trend this year, imagine leaving your home, using a private terminal, boarding a certified safe aircraft, flying to your destination of choice, being picked up by a safe local partner and arriving at your destination, all aspects of travel organised through trusted partners in controlled environments and with minimum touch points! Flying private goes way beyond simply getting from one destination to another; it means peace of mind, full discretion and freedom of movement – the ultimate luxury.

There’s an aircraft out there that fits your expectations, let’s find it, it’s what we do best!

Group Air charter – catering Sports Events, Leisure Travel, Movie Promo Tours & Music Tours

From light jets, suited for athletes or celebrities, to wide-body aircraft types that can accommodate large groups and corporate guests, we can ensure tailored flight solutions for all your needs! Is leisure your game? Are you organizing a promo tour and need high-end transportation options ASAP? We’ve got you covered, there’s a lot to choose from to get the job done right!

Group air charters offer multiple benefits: point-to-point travel, avoiding lengthy transfers and security procedures, aircraft specifications ranging from standard to VIP in line with your budget, exclusive use of the aircraft for specific group needs and dedicated 24/7 support from our team. Let’s get in touch and see how we can work together to make things run smooth and on the clock!

Essential Travel - Crew Rotation, Oil & Gas / Military transport/ Government repatriation flights

Businesses and NGOs alike rely on good timing and resources. This is why essential travel is an important part of the B2B success equation as it ensures freedom of movement to serve vital business or humanitarian purposes. Whether we’re talking about crew rotation (for the oil & gas industries or any other), military transports or government repatriation flights, we have the experience and tech savvy to support your efforts and keep the wheels rolling. Making sure workforce is in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time is crucial. That’s why the time and cost benefits of using a point-to-point direct charter are to seriously consider.

We can provide aircraft charters (ad hoc, short notice or frequent) to help rotate personnel whenever necessary. Having access to a dynamic, worldwide aircraft database enables us to provide fast response for all urgent movements, so that you can keep up with make-or-break project demands.

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